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Readers’ Choice Awards for 2020

21 products top the interest list for Metal Architecture readers in 2019

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions Custom Perforations April19 111

In 2019, the readers of Metal Architecture expressed their interest in learning more about metal roofing products. Whether it was metal shingles or metal roof accessories, they wanted more information about the products. Add in solar panels to those categories and those products represent more than half of the products our readers wanted deeper insight on.

If we got really clever, we could add in the underside of the roof, with three metal ceiling products represented. Clearly, MA readers are looking up. Those are the results of the Reader’s Choice Awards for 2020, but it was a wall panel product, Western States Metal Roofing’s T-8 PlankWall Panels, that took the top spot.

As with past years, the next biggest product category behind roofing products include products related to energy conservation. Whether it’s insulation or solar panels, MA readers are constantly looking for the latest news about the newest energy-related products.

The Readers’ Choice Awards are selected from all the products mentioned in editorial articles (i.e., not advertising) during 2019, and are ranked by the interest expressed by our readers. We measure that interest based on the leads generated from both the response to circle numbers in the magazine and the MetalConnect emails that provide further information to our readers about these products.

New product introductions are rampant in the construction industry, and it’s imperative that architects and designers know what’s available in the marketplace. We feature not only the newest products, but every month we also write about products by category, offering readers a regular source of information they can use to keep on the front edge or fill in blanks.

Product coverage is chosen by the editors of the magazine.

Check out the top 21 products from 2019 as identified by our readers in the Metal Architecture Readers’ Choice Awards.

Western States Metal Roofing T8 Plankwall April19 111

1. Western States Metal Roofing
T-8 PlankWall Panels
August 2019

Western States Metal Roofing’s T-8 PlankWall panels come in four distressed wood patterns: Distressed Wood Patterns A, B, C and D. T-8 PlankWall panels are produced with 24-gauge metal; finishes are Cool Tech 500 PVDF (Kynar 500/Hylar 5000). The concealed fastener panels are 1-inch-high, 8 inches wide and 1-foot to 45 feet long.

American Tin Ceilings Tin Plated Steel Ceiling Tiles March19 1

2. American Tin Ceilings LLC
T1 Grade Tin-plated Steel Ceiling Tiles
March 2019

American Tin Ceilings offers its T1 grade tin-plated steel ceiling tiles in more than 30 colors and 50 patterns. They can be installed six ways: drop-in, nail-up, backsplash, Snap Lock, acoustic drop-in, and acoustic nail-up. The metal ceiling tiles are 24 inches square and 0.01-inch thick. They are fire-rated for ASTM E 84-03b.

Extech Skyshade2500 June19 111

3. Exterior Technologies Inc. (EXTECH)
SKYSHADE 2500 Series Glass Canopies
June 2019

EXTECH’s SKYSHADE 2500 Series glass canopies can be used for long spans with lengths to 12 feet. Slopes can be as low as 1:12, and rafters have internal gutters. Glass panels are 9/16-inch or thicker, and can be individually replaced. Aluminum framing comes in a variety of anodize finishes and factory-applied coatings. Optional glass coatings and silk-screen patterns are also available.

04 Mc Elroy

4. McElroy Metal
G90 Milan Steel Shingles
April 2019

McElroy Metal's Milan shingle is a G90 galvanized steel interlocking roofing profile designed to resist high winds and provide fire resistance. The 29-gauge Milan shingle is available in eight PVDF colors and seven PVDF Designer Prints that simulate Cedar Shake and Slate. Milan Shingles can be installed on many existing roofs. A complete system including starter edge, ridge and hip cap, gable edge trim, valley, sidewall flashing and nail clips is available.

Miasole Flex Apr19

5. MiaSolé Hi-Tech Corp.
FLEX-03N Photovoltaic Modules
November 2019

MiaSolé’s FLEX-03N module is a copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS)-based, flexible, thin-film, photovoltaic (PV) module that provides high power density. It has more than 16% cell efficiency. It is 0.37 meters (14.6 inches) wide, and can be used on standing seam roofs, where modules fit in the spaces between seams. Length ranges from 1,710 millimeters (67.3 inches) to 5,910 millimeters (232.7 inches).

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions Custom Perforations April19 111

6. Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Create! Custom Perforations
April 2019

Armstrong’s custom perforations add images to metal panels. The perforations are available in a range of MetalWorks ceiling and wall systems including MetalWorks Torsion Spring, MetalWorks Snap-In, MetalWorks Clip-On, MetalWorks RH200/RH215 and MetalWorks WH1000/WH1100. The perforated panels come in standard Whitelume, Silverlume and Gun Metal. Custom sizes and colors are offered. With fiberglass infill panels, perforated panels can provide a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) to 0.9.

Covertech Fabricating R Foil2600 Series Reflective Insulation April19 1

7. Covertech Fabricating Inc.
rFOIL 2600 Series Reflective Insulation
April 2019

Covertech Fabricating’s rFOIL 2600 series reflective insulation is a layer of polyethylene bubbles bonded to and sandwiched between a radiant barrier metalized foil and white polyethylene sheet. It controls heat gain/loss and prevents interior condensation in all types of post- and metal-framed buildings. RFOIL 2600 series reflective insulation blocks 96 percent of radiant heat transfer. It contains UV inhibitors and antioxidants for long-term durability. It is tested to ASTM G-155 for UV resistance and facing surface degradation. It also has a Class 1/A fire rating, passes NFPA-286 full room burn test, and comes with a 10-year guarantee against UV degradation, de-lamination, cracking, peeling and flaking.

08 Green American

8. Green American 德扑圈官网版下载home
Centura Steel Shingles
August 2019

Green American 德扑圈官网版下载home’s Centura Steel Shingles are four-way interlocking, PVDF-coated, galvanized steel shingles. They are designed for energy efficiency, wind resistance, low weight and durability. The metal shingles are often installed over a layer of existing asphalt shingles. They come in 15 colors including three Cedar colors for a natural wood look, and four Slate Rock colors for a slate appearance. A full line of accessories is also offered.

Kolbe And Kolbe Millwork Vista Luxe Collection Windows April19 1

9. Kolbe Windows and Doors
VistaLuxe Collection Windows
April 2019

Kolbe and Kolbe Millwork’s VistaLuxe Collection windows have extruded aluminum exteriors and wood interiors. They can be used to create large expanses of glass with minimal interruptions, narrow frames and clean lines. The windows are designed for large mull combinations. Casement and awning windows are available, as well as specialty windows in corner, direct set, radius and geometric options. Complementary folding windows and single-, double-, triple- and quad-sliding windows also are offered. Hardware options include a metal, square-silhouetted Ashlar handle that comes standard on casements and awnings.

Metallic Products Cupolas June19 1

10. Metallic Products Corp.
Cupolas for Metal Roofs
June 2019

Metallic Products’ cupolas for metal roofs consist of 16-gauge curbs, 18-gauge louver frames, 20-gauge louver blades and 24-gauge tops. Curbs are built to fit roof slopes; the cupolas can be peak mounted or hillside mounted. Three sizes are available: 2 feet square, 2 feet tall; 3 feet square, 3 feet tall; and 4 feet square, 4 feet tall. The cupolas come assembled and they are customizable. A variety of colors are offered, and weathervanes are optional.

Ps Industries Louvers Jan19 111

11. PS Industries Inc.
Louvers and Dampers
January 2019

PS Industries’ louvers and dampers are designed to operate in all weather conditions. They feature weather seals and Ice Buster technology. Options include top pivot louvers/dampers, bottom pivot louvers/dampers, center pivot louvers/dampers and sliding louvers/dampers. Materials include structural or formed steel shapes, stainless steel and 26-gauge pre-finished exterior rib sheeting. Frames include jamb and head members for field locating and installation on structures. They are customizable and available with manual, electric or pneumatic operation.

Solaria Power Xt Nov19 1

12. Solaria Corp.
PowerXT Solar Panels
November 2019

Solaria’s PowerXT Solar Panels features the company’s Pure Black panel design that eliminates gaps between solar cells and visible circuitry including busbars. The panels have a 20% efficiency rating and shade tolerance that maximizes energy output over time. PowerXT Solar Panels come with a 25-year warranty.

Southern Aluminum Finishing Sunshades March19 1

13. Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc. (SAF)
SAF Sunshades
March 2019

SAF’s SAF Sunshades are constructed of extruded and formed aluminum sheet for minimal weight and corrosion resistance. Different blade shapes such as airfoils, round tubes and Z-shapes are available. SAF Sunshades are customizable and come in a variety of anodized and PVDF finishes.

Trex Commercial Products Ascent Windscreen System Dec18 222

14. Trex Commercial Products
Ascent Windscreen System
January 2019

Trex Commercial Products’ Ascent Windscreen System is a post-supported glass windscreen with an 80-psf qualified wind load. It has an aluminum snap-fit system with concealed fasteners. With one side of a post in place, glass is positioned in front of the system and held by double-sided foam tape, which holds the first pane while a second pane is installed. A cover snaps in front to secure glass. To prevent corrosion, posts are secured with an embedment or welded base plate, avoiding contact with concrete. Four finishes are offered: powder-coating, paint, Kynar and anodized.

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions Metal Works Shapes For Designflex March19 111

15. Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
MetalWorks Shapes for DESIGNFlex Panels
March 2019

Armstrong’s MetalWorks Shapes for DESIGNFlex are available in standard 45-degree and 60-degree triangles, parallelograms and trapezoids. MetalWorks Shapes panels are available in Whitelume, Silverlume, Gun Metal and Black, as well as custom colors. MetalWorks Shapes can be mixed with other panel shapes, sizes and colors including Calla, Lyra, Ultima and Optima shapes, squares and rectangles. Additionally, squares and rectangles are available in made-to-order sizes in MetalWorks for DESIGNFlex ceiling systems.

Certain Teed Matterhorn Shake June19 1

16. CertainTeed Corp.
Matterhorn Shakes
August 2019

CertainTeed’s Matterhorn Shakes are pre-weathered and chiseled to mimic the distressed, organic appearance of real wood. Eight elevation changes replicate the irregularity of real wood shakes. They are produced with a carbon alloy steel core, hot-dipped G90 zinc phosphate anti-corrosion coating, and PVDF paint. Matterhorn Shakes are installed with a four-point locking system secured with concealed clips. Finishes include Cedar, Shorewood, Timber Ash and Weathered Wood.

17 Florida

17. Florida Metal Roofing Products Inc.
Barrel Style Metal Tiles
August 2019

Florida Metal Roofing Products’ Barrel Style metal tiles look like traditional clay tiles. They are made with 24-gauge (G-90) steel or 0.032-inch aluminum. The steel tiles are Miami Dade approved for HVHZ (NOA 16-0125.09). The aluminum tiles are Florida Product approved with a field design pressure of -127.50 psf. Barrel Style metal tiles are available with Kynar 500 finishes.

Leica Geosystems Leica Blk3 D May19 1

18. Leica Geosystems AG
Leica BLK3D Imager
May 2019

Leica Geosystems’s Leica BLK3D is an imager that uses a stereo-camera to capture 3-D image measurement records. Its data processing makes in-image measurements in real time. The Leica BLK3D can be used to measure inaccessible locations, create floor plans, estimate building installations, document construction progress and document as-built conditions.

19 Petersen

19. Petersen Aluminum Corp.
Precision Series Tiles
May 2019

Petersen offers three profiles of Precision Series Tiles: Cupped, Diamond and Flat. The stamped, interlocking tiles can be used on walls or roofs (with a minimum 3:12 slope). They can be installed directly over plywood or elevated channels using concealed fasteners. Sealant is not required for the tiles’ breathable joints. Precision Series Tiles are covered by the PAC-CLAD 30-year finish warranty.

Polyglass Polystick Mux May19 1

20. Polyglass USA Inc.
Polystick MU-X Underlayment
October 2019

Polyglass’ Polystick MU-X is a self-adhered waterproofing underlayment that is a secondary water barrier for various roof coverings including metal. It works in high-temperature environments on steep-slope structures. Polystick MU-X has black film and is applied to plywood or similar decking. It is walkable and does not bleed through.

Velux America Curve Tech April19 1

21. Velux America Inc.
VELUX Curved Glass Skylights
April 2019

Velux America’s VELUX curved glass skylight features CurveTech, a curved glass surface that emits daylight and drains rainwater. Direct roof mounting brings large amounts of daylight through flat roofs. The skylight has a double-glazed window with protective curved-shaped glass or polycarbonate cover. Its protective cover keeps its inner pane warmer, reducing likelihood of condensation and minimizing sound from rain and hail. Additionally, the VELUX curved glass skylight has a PVC curb with polystyrene insulation.